Design: Jamie LOD-iver (2017)

With Melvin Wevers, Richard Zijdeman, and Marieke van Erp, I participated in the HackaLOD 2018 challenge. Together, we had 24 hours to hack together a prototype using linked and open data. We created ‘Jamie LOD-iver’, a tool to search historical recipes.

Our entry linked together newspaper articles with recipes from the Koninklijke Bibliotheek, images from Wikimedia and various other sources. I was responsible for quickly creating the web application and visualizing the data. In the end, we were happy to see that Jamie LOD-iver won the HackaLOD 2018!

  • Jamie LOD-iver allows users to search historical recipes
  • Various interactive visualizations facilitate exploration
  • Historical newspaper articles are combined with Rijksmuseum and Wikimedia images
  • The jury prize of HackaLOD 2018 (photo:

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