ReVI Project (2018-2019)

The ReVI project focused on the Resource Viewer of the Media Suite, a Virtual Research Environment (VRE). The aim of the ReVI project, a pilot project within CLARIAH, is to enhance the user experience in the main media player of the Media Suite by designing and testing different prototypes. Role: designer, developer, researcher

Early sketches
Media Suite website:

Related publications:
Huurdeman, H. C., Melgar Estrada, L., Noordegraaf, J., & Ordelman, R. (2019, September 13). Supporting the Interpretation of Enriched Audiovisual Sources through Temporal Content Exploration. Digital Humanities Benelux conference (DH Benelux) 2019, Liege, Belgium. Download
Huurdeman, H. C., Melgar Estrada, L., Gorp, J. V., Noordegraaf, J., & Ordelman, R. (2019, February 26). Looking Beyond the Picture - Enhancing Sensemaking of Audiovisual Materials in the Media Suite. SEMIA Symposium. Sensory Moving Image Archives: Visualization, Exploration and Reuse of Moving Image Data, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Download

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