Virtual Interiors (2019-current)

The Virtual Interiors project focuses on creating 2D and 3D user interfaces for big historical data. Role: designer/researcher


During the past years, I have given the following talks, invited talks, tutorials and conference presentations: NEW: “The Multi-Stage Experience: the Simulated Work Task Approach to Studying Information Seeking Stages”. Paper presentation (Huurdeman, Kamps, Wilson). CHIIR 2019 Workshop on Barriers to Interactive IR Resources Re-use, Glasgow, United Kingdom. March 2019. Slides. NEW: “VR: Past, Present …

Design: Jamie LOD-iver (2017)

For the HackaLOD 2018 challenge, we created ‘Jamie LOD-iver’, a tool to search historical recipes – winning the 1st prize.

ReVI Project (2018-2019)

The ReVI project focuses on enhancing the Resource Viewer of the CLARIAH Media Suite. Role: designer/developer

Thesis (2018): Supporting the Complex Dynamics of the Information Seeking Process

Search engines increasingly serve as the prime intermediaries between user and information. Their features have converged to a very streamlined set: a single search box and 10 ‘blue links’. However, in the context of complex tasks involving learning and knowledge construction, the search process is far from straightforward, as various information seeking models have evidenced. …