My name is Hugo Huurdeman, and this site features snippets of my diverse past and present activities. I have worked as a researcher, developer as well as digital artist, and creative expression has always been an essential ingredient of my work.

At the moment, I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Media Studies department of the University of Amsterdam. I work for the CLARIAH project, related to the Dutch research infrastructure for the Humanities.

In the past, I worked on a variety of assignments in the audiovisual domain with my company Timeless Future (2009-2012). During my PhD I participated in the NWO WebART project (2012-2016), and subsequently I was project leader of the Visual Navigation Project (2016-2018). Furthermore, I am co-founder of XIMPEL, an open platform for interactive media (2007-present).

You can reach me via hugo @ timelessfuture.com