Visual Navigation Project (2016-2018)

The Visual Navigation project focused on library users searching for knowledge in an increasingly digital world. The project aimed to enhance the user’s visual experience while searching for information, to inspire and to increase the use of library resources. It was conducted at the University of Oslo. Role: project leader, visual designer, interaction designer.

Project trailer (2011), by Hugo Huurdeman
Project website

Aamodt, M., Huurdeman, H., & Strømme, H. (2019). Librarian Co-Authored Systematic Reviews are Associated with Lower Risk of Bias Compared to Systematic Reviews with Acknowledgement of Librarians or No Participation by Librarians. Evidence Based Library and Information Practice, 14(4), 103–127. Download
Huurdeman, H., Aamodt, M., Låberg, K. T., & Heggø, D. M. (2018). The Collection in a New Light – Towards Visual Exploration and Navigation of Academic Library Resources. International Information & Library Review, 1–17. Download
Huurdeman, H. C., Aamodt, M., & Heggø, D. M. (2018). “More than Meets the Eye” - Analyzing the Success of User Queries in Oria. Nordic Journal of Information Literacy in Higher Education, 10(1), 18–36. Download
Huurdeman, H. C., Bhikharie, W., & Eliëns, A. (2017). XIMPEL: Ten Years of Immersive Media Experiences. Big Video Sprint Conference, Aalborg, Denmark.

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