XIMPEL (2007-current)

XIMPEL is a free open-source platform to create interactive media applications. Using XIMPEL, it is possible to weave together video, audio, images and other media to create interactive storylines, and even full web applications. Role: co-founder.

Trailer (2015), by Hugo Huurdeman
Project website:


Related publications:
Huurdeman, H. C., Bhikharie, W., & Eliëns, A. (2017). XIMPEL: Ten Years of Immersive Media Experiences. Big Video Sprint Conference, Aalborg, Denmark. http://web.archive.org/web/20180213110101/http://easychair.org/smart-program/BIGVID2017/
Eliëns, A., Huurdeman, H. C., van de Watering, M. R., & Bhikharie, W. (2008). XIMPEL Interactive Video-between narrative (s) and game play. GAMEON, 132–136. http://web.archive.org/web/20161126072123/http://www.cs.vu.nl/~eliens/cv/media/paper-ximpel.pdf Download
Huurdeman, H., van de Watering, M., Bhikharie, W., & Eliëns, A. (2008). Introducing XIMPEL–The eXtensible Interactive Media Player for Entertainment and Learning. Proceedings DIVERSE 2008. DIVERSE 2008, Haarlem, the Netherlands. http://www.timelessfuture.com/archive/documents/Introducing_XIMPEL_DIVERSE_2008.pdf Download

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