Virtual Interiors (2019-current)

The Virtual Interiors as Interfaces for Big Historical Data project focuses on the question of how we can develop and publish 2D/3D/4D user interfaces to the linked data of the Semantic Web in the form of digital maps and virtual rooms using historical data on the production and the consumption of the Dutch Golden Age. In the project I focus on designing and evaluating the rich types of user interfaces needed for accessing these rich sets of data. Role: researcher, designer

Project website:

header image: Piccoli

Related publications:
Piccoli, C., Reuvekamp, B., Pantò, A., & Huurdeman, H. C. (2020, June 15). Reconstructing private libraries in the early modern period: A 3D virtual environment as the access point to explore the “Boekenkamer” of the Amsterdam regent Pieter de Graeff (1638 – 1707). SHARP 2021 (accepted), Amsterdam.
Piccoli, C., & Huurdeman, H. C. (2020). Visualizing 17th Century Amsterdam Interiors: Towards a Methodological  Framework for Creating and Publishing Annotated 3D Reconstructions. Sharing Practices - Archaeological 3D Visualisation in the Netherlands. Archon Winter School Symposium, Amersfoort / Amsterdam.
Huurdeman, H. C., & Piccoli, C. (2020). “More than just a Picture” – The Importance of Context in Search User Interfaces for Three-Dimensional Content. Proceedings CHIIR 2020. CHIIR 2020. Download

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