Film plan “Shadow of the Machine” selected for open call Imagine Film Festival / Sound & Vision

For an open call of the Imagine Film Festival and the Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision, I created a plan for a short sci-fi animation film “Schaduw van de Machine” (Shadow of the Machine). In my film, I will combine archive footage from Sound & Vision with animation.

In March 2021, this plan was selected as one of the three winners of the open call, meaning I receive initial funding and a workshop on how to use the vast audiovisual archive of Sound & Vision. Also, I could attend and pitch my movie at a masterclass with Peet Gelderblom at the Imagine Film Festival.

Currently, I am detailing my script, looking for additional archive footage and refining the animation style. I am also attending the ReFresh workshops organized by VERS and Sound & Vision.

Header image: Imagine / Beeld en Geluid

See also page: Shadow of the Machine

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