Visual Navigation Project (2016-current)

The Visual Navigation project is focused on library users searching for knowledge in an increasingly digital world. The project aims to enhance the user’s visual experience while searching for information, to inspire and to increase the use of library resources. Role: project leader.

XIMPEL (2007-current)

XIMPEL is a free open-source platform to create interactive media applications. Using XIMPEL, it is possible to weave together video, audio, images and other media to create interactive storylines, and even full web applications. Role: co-founder.

WebART: Web Archive Retrieval Tools (2012-2016)

The NWO-funded WebART project was related to enhancing access to Web archives, containing our future culture heritage. As a PhD candidate within the project, my research was related to the support of complex search in search systems, with a specific focus on supporting various cognitive stages of search. Role: PhD researcher.

Clima Futura (2007-2008)

The Clima Futura project, nominated for the academic year prize 2007, aimed at improving the dissemination of climate change research. Climate scientists were working side by side with multimedia experts in bringing information to the attention of the general public in an innovative and attractive way. Role: team member, visual and game designer.